Thunder Umpires

Umpire-in-Chief: Kyle Cox

Umpire Scheduling: Marilyn Eimers

Umpire - Ejection/Game Reports

All Umpires must fill out a game report for all games involving ejections.

There are different forms for house, select and rep, please choose the appropriate form:

Thunder House League - > Umpire - Ejection/Game Report

SOBA Select - > Umpire - SOBA Ejection/Game Report

EOBA Rep - > Umpire - EOBA Ejection/Game Report

Umpire Scheduling: Marilyn Eimers

Umpire Game Assignments

For more info please contact:

Umpire Scheduling: Marilyn Eimers

Umpire - Rules

View - > 2018 Thunder House League Rules

View - > Official Rules of Baseball

View - > OBA Umpire Rules Page

Umpire Training

Thunder Umpires are trained and certified by Baseball Ontario.

For more information on EOBA / OBA Umpires:

Go to...The Baseball Ontario Umpires Page

Umpire Links:

Baseball Ontario Umpire Page

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The Harry Wendelstedt School for Umpires

Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring