Directions to Woodbine Park

Team Pages 2016:




Minor Bantam


Minor Midget


Thunder Rep Program 2017

Rep Coaches for 2017

Rookie - Coach Joseph Madigan

Minor Mosquito - Coach Todd Crowder

Minor Midget - Coach Bryan Leeman

Midget - Coach Terry Orr

*Note - Current team pages are from 2016 season;
Team pages for 2017 will be updated soon.

Select Teams playing in SOBA for 2017

Mosquito - Coach Paul Held

Peewee - Coach Paul Held

2017 Season:
To be eligible to play in a particular age category, a player must be born during the year indicated beside such category or during any subsequent year: 

Minor Rookie Ball 2009 
Rookie Ball 2008 
Minor Mosquito 2007 
Mosquito 2006 
Minor Peewee 2005 
Peewee/Peewee Girls 2004 
Minor Bantam 2003 
Bantam 2002 
Minor Midget/Bantam Girls 2001 
Midget 1999