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Kingston Thunder Baseball - Covid-19 Return to Sport Guidelines

Ontario Government Reopening - Phase 2

On June 16th the Baseball Ontario in conjunction with the Ontario Government agreed to allow outdoor baseball activities (practicing and development workouts) as the Kingston region attained phase 2 of the Covid-19 reopening plan.  The City of Kingston reviewed the Baseball Ontario “return to sport” guidelines and agreed to allow Kingston Thunder Baseball Association to commence outdoor baseball activities.


It is the number one objective of Kingston Thunder Baseball to ensure the safety of all participants involved including players, coaches and other volunteers.  With respect to the guidelines put forth by the Ontario Government and also adhering to the Return to Sport parameters through Baseball Ontario we will be keeping the number of participants (both players and coaches) to a maximum of 10 per group while in Phase 2.  We will also only be permitted  to practice and skill development during phase 2 (absolutely no games or scrimmages will be permitted).

Note :We ask that if your player has any symptoms of COVID-19 or is feeling not well please do not allow them to participate.  If they do show up at the diamond and there is indication or it is identified that they are not well they will not be permitted to participate and will be asked to head home.

Also it is strongly recommended that ride sharing between families/players be avoided whenever possible to limit the chance of exposure of the virus.

What to Expect for your player

 -Time slots for these practice will be a maximum of 90 minutes (6 to 7:30PM and 8 to 9:30PM)

Prior to Entering the Field: 

  1. Sign in will be conducted 15 minutes prior to your team's time slot per evening (this is for the purpose for contact tracing record keeping per Government requirements.) Parents must sign in each player if under the age of 18 years old per night and will be located between diamond 1 and 4 (near pathway)

  2. Prior to being allowed on the field all participants must have completed a registration (paper or online)  and signed the required Covid-19  Release, Waiver of Liability, and Indemnity acknowledging the inherent risk in participation, and the release of liability towards Baseball Ontario and the association.  Kingston Thunder waiver form can completed online at . (requirement of Baseball Onatiro and the Insurability per player/volunteer)

  3. Each player will sanitize their hands with provided cleaning solution prior to entering the field.

  4. Your player will be assigned their diamond for that evening.  (Coaches and or Players once they have physically entered the field surface of their specific diamond are prohibited from jumping between diamonds during their allotted workout times.)

  5. Each participant in permitted to have one spectator/family member.  These spectators are restricted to the designated area for their players diamond or to stay in their vehicle  and must maintain the recommended minimum 6 ft social distancing measures.  At no time are the spectator/Family member permitted to be on the playing surface while the practice/development is ongoing.

During Practice/Development time:

  1. Each diamond will have a maximum of 10 people on the field (ie 2 coaches and 8 players)

  2. Each player should have their own Equipment (glove, Helmet and Bat)

  3. Each player should have their own water bottle.  No sharing or Water bottles or food will be permitted at any time.

  4. Players will not be permitted in the dugouts where possible (all items will be kept in along the outfield to maintain 6 ft social distancing.

  5. Maintain a minimum of 2 metres distancing during physical activity, including warm ups, drills and post-practice activities, wherever possible.

  6. No bubble gum or spitz are permitted during these sessions, aslo no spitting on the filed is to be permitted.

  7. No personal physical contact will be permitted during these sessions (Hugs, High 5’s or handshakes)

  8. During the practice there will be at least one stoppage where each participant will be provided opportunity to sanitize their hands with cleaning solutions provided

  9. If any items are required to be shared (bats, catchers gear) they will be sanitized between players' contact with cleaning solutions.

Post Practice/Development time:

  1. Each player at time of leaving the field will be given the opportunity to sanitize their hands with cleaning solutions provided.

  2. It is recommended that each player clean all items they were wearing and equipment at home soon after their scheduled event to lesson the chance of exposure of the virus for participants and family members.

  3. Each participant and accompanying family should ensure that you have departed from the field within 15 minutes of the practice/skill development session is concluded (this will provide time for the next session to arrive and lesson the risk of crossover of two events)


Our plan was guided by the following:  Adherence to the core personal public health measures from the government including Physical Distancing and Practising good hygiene and our “Return to Sport Guidelines” are required to be in place and executed in full in order to start up any organized baseball activities by order of Kingston Thunder Baseball and must be followed as outlined. Noncompliance can lead to removal of facility access through the municipality of Kingston that permits baseball programming, by-law fines or even provincial health officer order to cease activity.

 Our Association will be aware that not all athletes originally registered will choose to or feel comfortable returning. It is also to be reminded that no insurance coverage is provided for any claim related to COVID-19 per the Covid-19 Waiver.

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