Convenor: Gary Lalande

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Thunder - Adult 3-Pitch League 2016

CURRENT AS OF 2016-05-26

  1.   Have fun!!!!!!!
  1. Minimum age is 16 years of age
  1. BAT RULE:   USSSA, BPF 1.20, ASA 2004 are the approved bats for this League. 
  1. Any player taking the plate with a bat deemed illegal for KTBA play will be called out, and ejected for the remainder of the game.  Any player caught using a rolled or shaved bat shall be ejected from the game and suspended for the remainder of the season. (So if in doubt ask field official prior to game)
  1. No metal or steel cleats. Soccer shoes with the long plaster covered metal cleats are not permitted.  No illegal equipment will be permitted.  All players and or coaches on teh field must wear closed toed shoes.
  1. Teams will be required to field a minimum of eight (8) players to a maximum of ten players (Batting order may contain an unlimited number of players) but MUST INCLUDE three (3) female players on the field in a defensive position per inning.

A shortage of female players will constitute an automatic out when the batting line-up reaches the position that the missing female player would be required to bat.

All players are required to bat in the batting order.   Players can be substituted in and out of the field throughout the game; substitutions must be for the same gender as that being replaced.

A maximum of three males to one female in batting order is required.   Additional males will bat at the end of the rotation with no penalty for number of males in sequential order.

(So as to limit forfeits during regular season play, and only regular season play, a team may borrow enough registered players from a team playing either before or after them to make up a legal game team (to a maximum of ten players on the batting line-up).   During Playoffs/Play downs no players shall be borrowed, and should a team be unable to field the minimum 8 players the game will be called in forfeit).

  1. Rosters may be changed or updated prior to the first scheduled league game of the season. Once the first game has taken place all rosters are final with the exception that substitutions may be allowed for injured players.  Notwithstanding RULE #6.
  1. Once team shirts have been distributed to all teams the shirt rule will take effect the following week.  Team shirts must be worn during game to be eligible to play NO SHIRT NO PLAY.  Any team found to have unpaid and therefore uninsured players on the field at any time with result in the following:  Team manager will be suspended for that game plus the next two scheduled games.  For a second infraction of this rule, the team will be found in forfeit of the game.   The disciplinary committee will meet to decide if further action is required. The team will not be invited to return to play in KTBA for the next season. A team playing illegal players during play downs will be ejected from the remained of the play downs.
  1. A player passing the committal line 20 feet from home plate is obligated to continue to go home.  ONCE COMMITTED…YOU ARE COMMITTED.
  1. The base runner must cross the home plate baseline; the base runner will be called out if he/she touches home plate.   A Player is called safe if any part of their body touches down pass the safe line at home plate.
  1. Offensive team can only score a maximum of five (5) runs per inning.  Losing team can score one more than five (5) runes per inning until they are one run ahead.
  1. Unlimited runs can be scored in the last inning.
  1. Leaving a base before the ball is hit results in the base runner being called out (No warnings will be given).
  1. Offensive team provided own pitcher.   Slow pitch to your own team.  Pitcher can stand no closer than 15 feet from the front face of home plate.  If the pitcher is closer than 15 feet when the ball is pitched, it will be called a strike, a “no play” will be called on the third pitch and batter will be called out.
  1. All teams must use the pitching screen available.  Any ball hit that makes contact with the pitching screen will considered an automatic out.
  1. All balls batted must run out past the pitching screen or will be considered a dead ball and a strike with exception of the 3rd pitch which will be an out. Any pop fly that is caught within this area will be counted as an out.
  1. No runner can be tagged out between the Committal line and home.  Once COMMITTED, YOU ARE COMMITED. – YOU MUST GO HOME.
  1. Any foul tip HIGHER THAT THE BATTERS HEAD caught by the catcher is an out.
  2. Outfields, including Rovers, cannot go into the infield.
  1. Ball must be thrown from outfielder – to Infielder - to Pitcher, and MUST BE IN THAT ORDER.

DIAMOND 4 – NO home run rule.

DIAMOND 3 – One home run per team per inning any additional home runs hit in same inning will be an out unless hit by a female player which is okay no rule for females.

Infield fly rule applies.  Batter is automatically out on an infield fly ball.  MUST be called by the UMPIRE.   When called, if fair, the batter will be declared out and the base runner MAY ADVANCE AT THEIR OWN RISK.   (Infield Fly Rule:   Less than two out and first or first and second or first, second and third are occupied and in the Umpire’s discretion the ball can be caught with reasonable effort by a fielder).

  1. The batter must not step on or over home plate while trying to hit a pitched ball. The batter will be called out if he/she hits a legal hit and touch or crosses over the plate.   There are no outer boundaries for the batter’s box.
  1. No Kids, Alcohol, illegal drugs or pets are allowed in the dugout.   The City of Kingston has a no tolerance policy in regards to alcohol and illegal drugs.  In the park anyone found in possession of such will be charged by the City Police who patrol the parks from time to time to enforce this.  Anyone found in possession of either substance will be immediately suspended from plan in the Kingston Thunder Baseball Association and such suspension reviewed by the Rules and Discipline Committee of Kingston Thunder Executive.
  1. All other softball rules apply.
  1. If time limit is reached no extra inning will be played and game will end in a tie.
  1. The batter will be called out if they bunt or do not take a full swing, and NO BUNTS ARE ALLOWED.
  1. Game consists of seven innings or time set out on the schedule.   First pitch of game is time set out on schedule.
  1. No new inning may start after one hour and twenty minutes of play.
  1. No sliding is permitted.  In the event a player sliders into a base, they will be declared out.
  1. First baseman’s trapper or catcher’s blocker are only permitted to be used at First Base or Home Plate only.  A Player found to be in a field position other than those described with said gloves will be asked to remove the glove from the field of play.
  1. As this league is for fun and camaraderie, all calls are at the discretion of the umpire and no arguing of calls will be permitted and no abuse of umpires will be tolerated.  In the event of such actions, the offending play or players will be ejected for the remainder of that game, and from their next scheduled game.   The incident will be reviewed by the Kingston Thunder Baseball Association Discipline Committee who will inform the team representative if any further suspensions will be taken.  Should the incident involve physical contact with the umpire, or any players, police will be called and the player is automatically suspended from any further game play with the Kingston Thunder Baseball Association and or its affiliated teams with no appeal process available or granted.
  1. Bases are to be 65 feet and a Safety Base at First.
  1. Home team is responsible for getting scores to Convenor Gary Lalande by the following Monday after your game by noon.
  1. The Batter CANNOT can be thrown out at first base by a ball thrown by an outfielder, or rover.   Once base is occupied they can be thrown out on a fly ball.
  1. Home team is responsible for keeping score, if home team cannot provide a scorekeeper visiting team will provide one. In case of mistakes in score book and cannot be worked out between the two teams, home Team’s score book will be final.
  1. Umpires are not responsible for keeping score.
  1. There will be an extra chalk line from first base to second base and from second base to third base 5’ to 6’ behind each base on diamond 4 ONLY to denote the state of the outfield due to the fact that diamond 4 is much larger than diamond 3.
  1. Game times are as follows:

Diamond No. 3 & 4 = 6:30 & 8:00 ( 1830 & 2000 )

  1. Season starts May 29th and ends September 18th with yearend tournament on September 24.